For proper seed potato storage, temperature and humidity are two critical environmental factors to be considered. The temperature in the store depends on initial temperature of the tubers at the time they are placed in store and duration of storage. Before storage the tubers have to be cured at ambient temperature. Air movement (ventilation) is necessary during storage to remove the heat generated by the potatoes. If a long storage period (longer than 5 months) is anticipated, the tubers must be stored at temperatures of 4- 8 degrees Celsius whereas, if such conditions are not available, the tubers may be stored in diffused light conditions at ambient temperature until they start sprouting.

Up to 80%of potato tuber content is water and this need to be maintained to avoid loss of weight and vigor. Thus in order to achieve this, maintain a 95 per cent relative humidity at all times. High humidity is also essential for optimum wound healing and curing. So depending on the scale of storage and duration of storage, there are several storage types which include heaping and covering in the field in sacks and in slatted stores made of timber or sophisticated ones under controlled environment. For small scale storage, use of diffused light stores at ambient temperature is ideal while for large scale storage and for long periods, cold storage is a requirement. After a cold storage, seed tubers need to be pre sprouted in indirect light (shade) at ambient temperature before planting.

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