Viazi Soko platform is an online and SMS based platform that allows potato farmers to get information on certified seed and market ware potatoes. NPCK and partners also use the platform to send advisory messages to the farmers. Currently the platform has 101,516 farmers and increasing daily.

The messages sent to farmers can be in form of an advertisement, announcement, or advisory but must be factual and should not exceed 160 characters. Anybody can use the platform to send potato related information to farmers. The table below shows the rates charged per number of subscribers being targeted.

Bulk SMS Service Charge

Number of subscribers targeted Rates charged per subscriber in Ksh
1- 12,500 subscribers will be charged a flat rate of  KSH 20,000
12,501  – 20,000         1.6
20,001 – 100,000         1.4
100,001 –  400,000         1.2
Above 400,000         0.8