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  1. Nutrition-sensitive Potato Partnership Project (NuSePPP)

 Funding Partner

 German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Area of coverage

  • Nyandarua
  • Bungoma
  • TransNzoia
  • Elgeyo Marakwet




To support smallholder farmers in order to increase their potato yields and contribute to the improvement of the nutritional situation of malnourished people in Nyandarua, Bungoma, Trans Nzoia and Elgeyo Marakwet.

Implementing partners

  • GIZ
  • CIP
  • NPCK
  • County Departments of Agriculture and Health; Nyandarua, Bungoma, Trans Nzoia and Elgeyo Marakwet counties.

Project Activities

  • Training material development for ToT and Farmers
  • ToT-Training
  • Establishment of tablet-based Monitoring system
  • Conduct of Farmer Field and Business schools
  • Establishment of innovation sites and farmer field days (CIP)
  • Training of decentralized seed-multipliers (CIP)
  • ICT based market information system for seed and ware potatoes
  • ToT training of Community health extension workers.
  • Training of Community Dialogues groups
  • School based nutrition programme initiated
  • Nutrition Advisory through ICT

Project News/Achievements

  • 90 Agricultural Officers trained through ToT-Training
  • 6,120 farmers trained through Farmer Field and Business schools
  • Development of national potato strategy and county potato strategies supported
  • 62 Community Health Extension Workers trained.
  • 907 Community Health Volunteers trained on Nutrition aspects
  • 13,605 people trained on Nutrition aspects
  • More than 20 innovation sites for improved potato cultivation methods established

New initiatives as offspring of NuSePPP

  1. de IPM – DeveloPPP.de AgroCares (PPP Project on Soil Testing with Dutch Soil Test Company


Started August 2018

Area of coverage

  • Nyandarua
  • Bungoma, Trans Nzoia
  • Elgeyo Marakwet




 Farmers have better information on soil fertility management.


  • Development of ToT training materials and farmer handbooks.
  • ToT training
  • Establishment of soil fertility management innovation sites with CIP
  • Soil testing service to farmers provided by private service providers.

Implementing partners

  • GIZ
  • AgroCares
  • County Department Agriculture


  • Awareness raising on soil fertility management.
  • 21 Agricultural officers trained on soil fertility management and soil testing.
  • 60 Lead farmers trained on soil fertility management and soil testing.
  • 450 farmers capacitated on importance of soil testing and having their soils tested.
  • Up-scaling the business of 2 private service providers.