As part of its efforts to transform the Potato Industry, the NPCK has established forums for information sharing, showcasing technologies, and innovations and for business-to-business interactions. These initiatives are aimed at increasing awareness and sharing knowledge on innovations and technologies in developing agribusinesses, increasing availability of high quality inputs and improving productivity, which lead to transformation of the potato sub sector.


The conference held on 31st March 2016 at KALRO Headquarters, Loresho, created a platform for sharing information on potato value chain issues, technologies and innovations. Exhibitors had a good opportunity to display their products, services, and innovations. The forum offered a perfect opportunity for the emerging investors in agriculture, such as financial institutions and insurance companies to interact with the industry players and discuss businesses. Farmers, traders, processors, regulators, and other subsector players shared information and made contacts for further engagements and learned from each other for purposes of improving their businesses.

The theme of the conference and trade fair was

Transforming Potato Value Chains for Improved Food Security and Agri businesses

While the main objectives of were:

  1. To showcase business opportunities for the investors and facilitate business to business linkages
  2. To share information on potato value chain issues, technologies and innovations
  3. To enable exhibitors in the sector to display their products and services

The Conference used a pragmatic approach and aimed at addressing specific questions in the industry for purposes of improving businesses for actors and players.


There were four thematic areas for the conference under which action plans were discussed:

  1. Production-How do we improve production? (suitable fertilizer, small-scale mechanization etc)
  2. Seed systems and variety development-How do we improve production and distribution of high quality seed potato?
  3. Marketing and processing- How do we improve potato marketing and processing? (post-harvest handling, storage, consumption, linkages, contract farming etc
  4. Policy and regulatory framework- How can the regulation on 50 kg packing bag be implemented? How do we go about other regulations?

The conference was sponsored by stakeholders and development partners who included State department of Agriculture, GIZ, Kenya-Dutch seed potato project, KALRO, ASDSP, Grow Africa, IFDC, SNV, CIP and Global communities. The meeting was attended by over 600 actors and stakeholders who included farmer representatives from all potato producing counties in Kenya and farmer representative from neighboring countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda. Development partners and potential investors from Europe and US also attended the meeting.

Watch a video of the event below