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Market prices Ware Potato prices per kg in major towns in Kenya as at June 18 2024 >>> Nairobi Ksh.53 | Mombasa Ksh.53 | Kisumu Ksh._ | Eldoret Ksh.43 | Meru Ksh._ | Nyeri Ksh.75 |

About NPCK

The National Potato Council of Kenya (NPCK) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a multi-stakeholder organization whose responsibility is to help plan, organize and co-ordinate potato value chain activities to develop the subsector into a robust, competitive and self-regulating industry. The Potato Council's organizational structure enables it to draw synergies from a wide membership, representing all stakeholders and actors in the potato industry. NPCK members include Farmers, Researchers (National and international), Public institutions, Extension providers, seed producers, Traders, Processors, Regulatory agencies, Financial service providers, input providers, Ministry of Agriculture for National and County governments, Development partners and other actors and players.

Vision statement

Potato industry is a leading contributor to increased incomes, food security, and improved welfare in Kenya


Coordinate potato sub-sector stakeholders towards the development statement of the potato industry’s profitability and livelihood improvement

NPCK draws synergies from a wide membership representing all stakeholders and actors in the industry. NPCK has four Membership categories; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze that allows engagement, services and benefits at different levels.You can click on the logo of each organization to visit their website.