Potato protein market set to grow

Plant-based proteins can be isolated or concentrated to be added to different food and feed products. Dietary shift to more plant-based foods can be considered to be a key lever to reduce environmental impacts and achieve sustainable development goals. The development of plant-based proteins in most of developed nations represents new growth opportunities for key players in the food industry, as well as for farmers.

Potato protein is an added-value ingredient extracted from potato fruit juice, which is a byproduct of potato starch manufacturing, and contains approximately 1.5% protein. It offers better nutritional quality and functionality as compared to many other plant sources. Additionally, allergenicity to potato protein is rare, which makes it a more preferred plant-sourced protein ingredient by many manufacturers. According to a Persistence Market Research report, the high nutritional profile and functionality offered by potato protein is expected to drive the growth of the potato protein market at an expected value compound annual growth rate of close to 7% through 2030.

Bakery and confectionery is expected to dominate the food processing industry, owing to the high functionality of the potato protein.

Demand for potato protein is expected to increase faster from the developing markets of South Asia, including India, Thailand, Indonesia, and others, with an expected value CAGR of around 10% through 2030.

Currently, Europe leads the global potato protein market, followed by North America. Sales of potato protein isolates are expected to be approximately 1.5X times as that of potato protein concentrate in terms of volume. Potato protein isolates are also expected to witness exponential rise in demand, owing to their high protein content.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the plant-based protein industry. However, with increased demand for health-beneficial ingredients with better nutritional profile, losses incurred by the potato protein industry are expected to be recovered in the near term.

Source: https://www.potatobusiness.com

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