The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) convened an agricultural meeting on 4th December 2019 in Nairobi. The meeting was aimed at forming an agricultural umbrella body in the country and also to discuss key issues in agriculture sector and propose solutions and action areas that will revolutionize the sector. In attendance were players along the various agricultural value chains, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) among others. Major challenges in the agriculture include insufficient production and use of high quality seeds, high costs of inputs and inadequate extension services. The participants proposed intervention measures such as lobbying for increased budget allocations for extension services, lobby for reduced taxes on agricultural inputs as well as coordinated approaches in implementation of the policies and regulations. An implementation matrix was also developed that details other areas of concern, desired actions, responsibilities and timelines for the actions which will be shared with the ministry of agriculture to be implemented jointly with private sector.

Participants of the agricultural stakeholders’ workshop

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