Apart from being an essential ingredient of most our favorite dishes, potatoes have other alternative home uses that are remarkable and great fun to try. The following are the ways you can use your potatoes outside your kitchen.






Healthy ware potatoes: Our beloved food has other numerous uses at home outside our dinner tables.

  1. Stain Removal

It can take a lot of scrubbing with normal soap to remove most house hold stains. However, a potato can make it easier for you. You can do this with potato by taking half a potato back and rub it over the affected area to magically remove the blemish. Make sure you use it to remove nail dirt too. It works well on grass and ink stains as well.

     2. Cleaning your windows and other glasses

Take a raw, uncooked potato and rub it over your windows, car windscreen, or even eyeglasses, before wiping away the juice with a clean cloth. You will be left with gleaming glass, without damaging your hands or leaving the smell of chemicals.

  1. Use potato juice for your ailments

Potatoes have been used for centuries to fight various ailments. It is considered effective against ulcers, gout, and heartburn and bruising. The juice is rich in vitamins and it’s easy to make, just put a couple of potatoes in blender, zap them for thirty seconds and you’re done. Add carrot to improve the taste and you have your own home made medicine.

  1. Remove warts

Warts are a rather unsightly annoyance, and if you get one, you will want to get rid of it. Carefully rub the cut end of a raw potato across the wart, and leave the juice on. Repeat the process every day until the wart is banished for good.

  1. Soothe a Headache

Potatoes have been used to help ease headaches for centuries and will only need few slices. You can fix them against your forehead using a head using a headband or bandage.

  1. Remove a broken light bulb from a socket

Cut the potato in half, and gently press the flat side on to the remainder of the bulb. When the bulb is firmly inserted, simply screw it out.

  1. Relieve a burn

If you burnt your fingers on a hot pan or clipped your arm against the stove while it was still on, reach for a potato. Just a slice of raw potato should do the trick, apply it to the burn and fix in place using whatever you have handy.


  1. Absorb excess salt from a soup or cooking pot

If you have over salted your pot of soup by mistake, then throw in some potato slices to restore the balance, leave the potatoes in while the mixture simmers for ten minutes or so and then scoop them back out.


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