For many years, Kirimara Potato Growers have been producing potatoes through contract arrangements. The group has been facing various challenges, such as limited access to quality inputs, market access, and logistical difficulties when transporting ware potatoes to markets or sourcing inputs. On 7th February 2023, the Women Farmers Association of Kenya (WoFaAK) in collaboration with GIZ handed over a vehicle to the group to support the group in transportation of inputs and ware potatoes. The handing over ceremony took place at the chairlady’s home and was graced by Ms. Dorothy Onyango, the founder and CEO of WOFAK. In attendance were WoFaAK representatives from both county and national levels, the Meru County Government, NPCK, Siraji Sacco, Sereni Fries, Agrico E.A., FreshCrop Ltd., CGA, SNV, Simba Gold, Kirimara Group, and representatives from other farmer groups within the region.

A caption of vehicle handing over ceremony at Chairlady’s home

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