ZEBA Trials and Field Day

Weighing a sample of ware potatoes from the trials in Nyandarua at the Zeba field day.

NPCK draws synergies from a wide membership of organizations and forges partnerships that are beneficial to the farming communities.

NPCK has partnered with UPL, to promote a product called Zeba. This is a starch-based, superabsorbent soil enhancer designed to keep a constant supply of moisture available to germinating seed, seedlings, and plants throughout the growing season. It is made from natural corn starch. Each Zeba granule works like a sponge, absorbing in excess of 400 times its original weight in water, forming hydrogels that slowly release moisture back to plants as they need it. Zeba also binds and releases water-soluble nutrients, keeping more fertilizer in the root zone where it can be used by plants, thus creating a healthy microenvironment. Over time, Zeba is broken down and consumed by naturally-occurring microorganisms in the soil, leaving no residue behind. With a steady supply of water and nutrients, plants grow healthier, crops are more uniform, and yields are increased.

Through the partnership, NPCK together with UPL carried out Zeba product trials. A total of 8 demonstration plots were used in Nyandarua and Meru Counties for the trials. The purpose of the trials was to train farmers on the product and demonstrate its benefits practically.

The trials culminated in field days in the two counties meant to showcase the results of the product’s utilization.

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