The World Potato Congress Industry Award ceremony is an important and prestigious event on the international potato scene. The award recognizes a lifetime of contributions to the potato industry.  Typically, three outstanding individuals are recognized during the Industry Awards ceremony at the World Potato Congress.

In 2018 the World Potato Congress Industry Awards were presented to Dr. Anton Haverkort, Mr. Alberto Salas and Dr. Gary Secor during the 10th World Potato Congress held in Cusco, Peru. The awards were presented to the three in recognition of thier outstanding personal contributions and leaderships in respect to the development and progress of the global potato industry.

The next congress will be held in Dublin, Ireland from 30th May to 2nd June, 2022. The WPC will be recognizing other three winners nominated by the industry world over through evaluating how creative, sustainable, successful and impactful their potato work has been. The selection criteria used include:

  1. The applicant is involved in a Public Private partnership that focusses on one or several of the 6 components of the WPC “Tool Box” as minimum requirements.
  2. The applicant is an entrepreneur, industry or cooperative association, a local government agency or an NGO that has introduced and adopted a technology/innovation/ approach for widespread application leading to growth and sustainable development of a portion or all of the potato value chain.
  3. The applicant has presented the project in an application dossier preferably to a regional WPC representative to introduce the assessment procedure on board level in order to verify the impact of the applicant’s work.

The application dossier should contain: the description and the goals, the procedure and the outcome of the project, illustrated by some pictures free of copyright to be presented on the WPC press release.

  1. The decision of the WPC board on the recognition is final and cannot be contested by the applicant.

WPC will recognize the successful applicants with a formal certificate and a plaque at a special ceremony or as part of a regional or national Potato event, highlighting the concerned project. The prize can be awarded during the National Potato day in countries where this is celebrated, National Congresses/Symposiums or continental events if it takes place in a year where there is not a specific country event.

From left to right are Dr. Haverkort, Mr. Salas and Dr. Secor.

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