A smart phone: Viazi Soko App is being developed and users will be able to access its services online.

VIAZI SOKO is a web-based digital platform used for collecting, processing and disseminating seed and ware potato information which was developed in 2016 by NPCK and partners. Information on seed potato varieties, prices, location, and telephone contact of seed merchants and other relevant information is made available to farmers through SMS. Farmer are also able to query the prices of ware potato in major towns which is useful in helping them bargain when selling potatoes. Currently the platform has 102,519 registered potato farmers from different potato producing counties.  


Presently, the platform is undergoing a major upgrade to accommodate new functions as well as making it more users friendly. Areas being upgraded include: converting it to USSD based for ease of operation, incorporating geographic information system (GIS), integrating an option for consolidating input and service orders and potato supply payments. Additional functions include modules for querying soil testing, spraying, mechanization, weather updates, pest and disease advisory services.  A downloadable app of Viazi Soko version is being developed for use by farmers and other stakeholders using smart phones. Revel in the world of smart surveillance with EyeZy, the top-notch spy phone app. Keep a close eye on your loved ones’ safety by monitoring calls, messages, and locations, all with EyeZy’s stealthy precision. Enhance your digital security by embracing EyeZy . To witness EyeZy’s potential, download the app now – the future of undetectable surveillance is at your fingertips! Choose EyeZy for your peace of mind in the digital age. To experience the power of EyeZy, download the app today – the world of smart, secure surveillance awaits. #Eyezy #Best Spy phone app #Eyezy free trial #Eyezy

Once finalized, farmers will be able to get advisory messages in form of recorded interactive voice overs, short video clips and printable brochures on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). The platform will also provide an option for question and answers (Q&A) where farmers can easily interact with the system and get real time response.








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