Availability and affordability of certified seed potato has been one of the challenges that the potato value chain has faced despite numerous interventions by the subsector players. This is set to change when KEPHIS finally authorize registration and sales of True Potato Seed (TPS). This involves use of botanical seed rather than tubers or cuttings as a means for potato propagation. They are harnessed from potato fruits (formed after flowering). Benjo, Hygrotech, KEPHIS and NPCK have been working together to fast track introduction and use of the new technology in Kenya.

One major advantage of TPS over tubers is the fact that they are generally free from diseases and pests. They are less bulky making them easily transportable and less perishable hence easy to store and therefore will be more accessible to farmers.















Potato fruits/ berries: The TPS is harnessed from the fruit. KEPHIS is working with Hygrotech and NPCK to register it as a means of propagation.

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