Takicham Tiloa CBO being trained on Good Agricultural Practices

NPCK and Hand in Hand has been conductiong farmer trainings and Takicham Tiloa CBO from Nakuru was one of the beneficiaries. The CBO got the privilege to be trained on  Good Agricultural Practices starting from site selection to harvesting.

Farmers were also shown how to sort and grade potato tubers into small, medium and large sizes Below is a simple illustration of how you can grade your potatoes.


  • Carton
  • Ruler
  • Biro
  • Knife or razor blade to cut the carton


Using a ruler and a biro, mark and  make squares in the carton with the below measurements, 3cm by 3cm, 5cm by 5 cm and 8cm by 8cm. After doing so, cut using your knife to make holes of those squares.

  • Any potato tuber that passes through square A is categorized as chats

If the potato does not fit in square A it is taken to square B.

If the potato passes through square B it is taken as seed size or small sized ware potatoes.

Those potato tubers that will not fit square B are taken to the next square C.

If the potato tuber passes through square C it is taken as a medium sized potato and the ones that do not fit are taken as large ware potatoes.

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