Training farmers on contract farming in Elburgon, Nakuru County

In effort to continue supporting potato farmers improve potato productivity through adoption of good agricultural practices and better technologies, NPCK and partners organized potato field Farmers training in Elburgon with New Molo Cooperatives to demonstrate the planting procedure for Markies variety. NPCK, has continued to encourage farmers to produce different potato variety as a form of variety diversification. NPCK partnered with other stakeholders to train New Molo Cooperative members in Elburgon, Nakuru County on the procedure for new potato variety (Markies) production. The training was conducted by a representative from Agrico EA (seed multiplier). This was under contract farming signed between Vision Afrika Sacco (Financier), Viazi King Limited (Buyer), and New Molo Cooperatives.

The training is aimed at empowering farmers in terms of the right know-how, financial support as well as market search for their produce. It was also to showcase the benefits of adopting high yielding varieties, high quality planting materials, recommended fertilizer, good crop management practices and market linkages in potato production. The initiative was also able to demonstrate to farmers the value of using good inputs and practices in form of increased tuber quality, yield and return. Much emphasis was on soil testing, right selection of planting materials, correct spacing, crop nutrition, and crop protections for better results. NPCK also took time to train on the Viazi Soko digital seed and ware potato marketing e-commerce platform.

Photo: An Agrico EA. Representative demonstrating to farmer’s surface planting technique

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