Markies potato variety

Most farmers are used to the cultural ways of potato production which result in poor yields and low quality. Currently, there are many stakeholders in the industry ready to support the farmers in improving their production. Various new potato varieties are high yielding and highly marketable, however, they require more attention and knowledge to maximize yields and profits. An example of such varieties is Markies which has a high demand in the market but is not widely adopted by the farmers. Some of the properties required by the market outlets that make these new varieties like Markies highly marketable are;

  1. It has an elongated oval shape hence suitable for chips production.
  2. It has shallow eyes thus reducing wastage during pealing.
  3. It has a longer shelf life compared to other varieties.
  4. It has a higher dry matter content hence conserving fuel.
  5. It does not change its colour after peeling, etc.

Farmers are encouraged to adopt the following Good Agricultural Practices for better yields and profits:

  1. Conducting soil testing
  2. Use certified seed potatoes from registered seed companies
  3. Proper land preparation
  4. Follow the proper crop management practices from planting to harvesting such as proper planting, weeding, earthing-up, dehalming etc.
  5. Use potato specific fertilizers both for planting and top dressing.
  6. Use the right chemicals for spraying and strictly follow the full spray program.

Many farmers are afraid of following these practices because they are more expensive compared to the normal way but it guarantees good production and profits. 

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