Potato grows in a wide range of soil type but the most recommended one is well-drained loamy to sandy loam soil. Well fertilizer application can also help the crop to grow well in sandy soil. However, black soils with undesirable physical and chemical qualities should be avoided by all means. Soil pH is one of the factors that one need to put into consideration, which should range between 5.0 and 7.0 but the ideal pH should be 5.5 for potato. It should be deep, light, loose and well drained but able to retain moisture. It should also be free from pests and diseases such as bacterial wilt, nematodes and blight for these are the most destructive soil born pests and diseases of potato crop which leads to high loss.

The topography of the land is also another aspect that one need to put into consideration when planting the potato crops. The low lying areas which are likely to be drained with surface run offs from other higher potato growing zones should be avoided. Because, a part from carrying away soil nutrients, the run offs may also contain soil borne disease caused by pathogens like bacterial wilt, fusarium wilt, blights and soil borne pests like nematode. Therefore, one needs to put into considerations the above mentioned factors before venturing into potato production because it plays a crucial role in yield determination.

A picture showing well prepared land for planting of potato crop


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