Crop nutrition is very essential when it comes to planting potatoes. To complement the nutrients in the soils, farmers use organic or inorganic fertilizers to replenish the nutrients. Most farmers in the country tend to use the inorganic fertilizers in planting potatoes. In the recent past, fertilizer prices have increased to about 100%.  

There has been a rapid increase in the prices of fertilizers in the country. This might affect production in the following seasons since most farmers may not afford to buy the fertilizer amongst other inputs or may apply suboptimal amounts hence leading to food security crisis in the country. 

Below is a summary of the fertilizer prices in the month of November.

COUNTY DAP Yara Baraka
Nyeri Ksh.5,300 Ksh.5,500 Ksh.4,100
Nakuru Ksh.5,050 Ksh.4,900 Ksh.4,750
Meru Ksh.5,800 Ksh.5,100 Ksh.4,400
Narok Ksh.5,200 Ksh.4,200 Ksh.4,100
Elgeyo Marakwet Ksh.5,000 Ksh.4,500 Ksh.4,000
Nyandarua Ksh.5,100 Ksh.4,300 Ksh.4,500

  Source: Data collected from sample of agro-dealers

To help address this issue, NPCK has been in consultative meetings with the National government, fertilizer suppliers and other key stakeholders.

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