A section of the Participants during regenerative agriculture meeting

Statistics have shown that by 2050, the Kenyan population will be approximately 90 million. Historically, our production level has been diminishing each and every production period, hence raising an alarm about the future food security status of the country. Our soils have also degraded both in pH and nutrient availability, hence the need for a change in tactics. Regenerative agriculture (RA) is the way to go, as it will address the issues of climatic change and biodiversity, and increase yields.

On 15th and 16th June 2023, AGRA, Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), among other partners, convened a workshop on Regenerative Agriculture at the Safari Park Hotel, Kenya. The meeting aimed at addressing issues revolving around climate change, post-harvest losses, and ensuring sustainable, resilient food production and land use systems. Solutions were aired out including organic farming, Crop rotation among other good agronomic practices that when adopted will definitely ensure climate-resilient, environment friendly agricultural production systems in Kenya and Africa at Large. In attendance were; Office of the First Lady, Kenya- Environmental Department, MoALD, NPCK, and different agriculture value chain actors.


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