The process of upgrading the new Viazi Soko Digital Platform is at its final stages and once launched the platform will be able to solve a number of challenges faced by farmers and others stakeholders in the potato subsector. Among the upgrades include; providing an efficient way of accessing quality farm inputs and services such as certified seeds, potato specific fertilizers, approved agrochemicals, spray services, soil testing and mechanization services. In addition the platform will also provide weather forecast, extension and advisory services and other benefits that will help farmers improve productivity and profitability.

So far, NPCK has established partnerships with the various companies dealing with seeds, fertilizer, agrochemicals, soil testing and mechanization in supporting the use of the digital platform as well as marketing their products and services through the platform.

Also, the Council has partnered with the Viazi Kings Ltd, a logistic company, which will be delivering the inputs to farmers and also supplying ware potato ordered through the platform by market outlets. The platform will be launched towards the end of this year.

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