This month, we shall learn about two Common Potato pests; Aphids and Tuber moth.

  1. Aphids

This is an insect that sucks sap from plants and transmit viral diseases like potato leaf roll virus.







Left a Picture of Potato leaf infected by viral disease spread by aphids. Right: a picture of the underside of a potato leaf with aphids

Image sourced from www.syngenta.co.uk and alamy.com

How to Control Aphids

Aphids can be effectively controlled by both systematic and contact insecticides including Actellic 25 EC, Agrothoate 40EC and Nuprid 200SC.

  1. Potato Tuber Moth

This is both a field and storage pest. In the field, the larva mines the leaves, feeding between the upper and lower epidermis. The main damage is caused by larvae tunneling the tubers and leaving tunnels filled with excreta. This damage is mainly noticed in the store and can cause the tubers to rot.









Left: Pictures of Potato tuber infected by tuber moth Right: Picture of potato leaf infected by potato tuber moth

Image sourced from pestnet.org and plantix.net


How to Control Potato Tuber Moth

Field management is done through proper earthing up in the field to ensure that tubers are not exposed to tuber moth attack. Spray with Agrothoate 40 EC as soon as infestation is observed in the field. In storage conditions, apply Actellic 25 EC. Cleaning the storage is also recommended as a cultural practice.

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