The Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) together with NPCK convened a meeting on 6th December 2019 in Nairobi to brainstorm on the issues affecting the potato industry and come up with possible intervention measures. The issues discussed touched on certified seed potato, production of ware potato, marketing and the 2019 potato regulations. Among the participants were; county government representatives, seed companies, processors, traders and farmers. Organizations represented at the meeting included Agricultural Council of Kenya (AgCK), Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest), Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO). A committee was formed and tasked with developing a bankable seed model that KenInvest will use to help investors make decision while investing in seed potato production. AGRA, AgCK, AFA and NPCK were tasked with responsibility of packaging the identified intervention measures for support.











Seed potato tubers (left) and cuttings (right) on display. Apical cuttings were cited as one of the solution to seed potato shortage.

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