Don’t throw away potato peels; they have more benefits than the vegetable itself!

Before disposing your potato peels into the garbage, have you ever stopped to think whether there may be benefits of this “trash”? Well, there are immense uses of the peels that remain largely unknown to us. The following are some of the benefits:

Helps in weight loss

We all know that potatoes are rich in carbohydrates that play a key role in improving your weight. However, potato peels contain minimal amount of fat, cholesterol and sodium which aid in losing a lot of weight.

Boosts immunity

Being a powerhouse of vitamin C, potato skin acts as a strong antioxidant agent. Apart from this, the peels contain B-complex vitamin and calcium that play an integral part of a healthy defense system and enhance the immune activity.

Protects against cancer

Potato skin is rich in phytochemicals that possess powerful antioxidant activity. In addition to this, it also contains high amounts of chlorogenic acid that binds with carcinogen (cancer causing compound) and thus, protects the body against cancer.

Lowers blood cholesterol

The high fiber content coupled with antioxidants, polyphenols and glycoalkaloids is found to induce cholesterol-lowering effects on the body. Hence, people planning to reap the health benefits of potato peel should consume unpeeled potatoes in their meal.

Lowers risk of heart disease

As potato peels are loaded with potassium, an important and essential mineral, consuming them lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is because potassium plays a key role in lowering blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart. Another heart-healthy nutrient present in potato skin are omega-3 fatty acids.

Good against skin burns

One effective, yet simple, home remedy to heal skin burns is potato peels. In addition to acting as a potent antibacterial agent, they also moisturize the skin and work better than conventional dressings against minor burns.

Acts as natural hair coloring agent

Not many people are aware about this amazing property of potato peel – to hide gray hair strands. The skin contains numerous essential nutrients that help in providing a natural look and color to your hair. Here is how you can prepare potato peel rise to get rid of grey hair.

Lightens dark spots

Potato peel contains antibacterial, phenolic and antioxidant compounds that exert mild bleaching action. All you need to do is rub freshly peeled potato skin over dark spots, including dark circles and sun tan. Do this on a regular basis to reap its skin-lightening properties.


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