Boiled potato

Potato! (Solanum tuberosum L) is a crop that mainly grows in the tropical regions of the country that has an altitude ranging between 1500-3000 Meters above sea level and a temperature ranging between 12-18℃.  Hence the reason as to why it does best in the highland regions of the Kenya. Potato has numerous health benefits to the humans especially when consumed either deep-fried, fried or boiled. Its nutritional components makes it an outstanding crop better than maize.

According to the nutritional scientific research, potatoes do not only contain starch and protein components, it contains components like vitamin C that is helpful in the prevention of nutritional diseases like scurvy (By Dr. George Ooko nutritional expert at university of Nairobi).  Potato supplies nutrients like Phosphorus that is helpful to the bones and teeth formation. Calcium helps with the blood flow within the body and ensures that the body responds to the environmental variations.  Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) ensures red blood cells and iron formation in production of hemoglobin and the hormonal formations. The nutrients are very vital for boosting the human immunity system. They help increase immunity in our body system that help to fight diseases that are a health threat to the human beings especially infants and the elderly in the society.

The skin of the potato can be consumed by either boiling the whole potato then consuming it to help supply fibre that is a vital component necessary in the digestion process in our body. Fibre helps in the egestion of the unwanted solid particles. With this fibre, minor injuries in the digestive system as a result of friction are prevented thus a health booster.

With an increase in the potato consumption, people will not have to rely anymore on the artificially made nutrient supplements that have proved to carry along negative impacts to the human body. It will help in the reduction of frequent visits to the hospital due to health complications mostly arising from nutritional disorders.



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