In the potato goodness corner, we shall look at turning potato waste into fertilizer


A company based in the United Kingdom has joined forces with the British Clean Tech firm Technologies to use its carbon-capture technology on potato peelings left over from making crisps in its factory, to turn it into low-carbon fertilizer. The fertilizer will then be returned to the farms where crisps varieties are grown in the country.


The initial trials have already been performed and the results quite promising. The company is planning to install the carbon-capture technology equipment this year so as to begin a wider production whereby the fertilizer is expected to reduce potato based carbon emissions by 70%.

The technology will be designed to connect to anaerobic digester, which uses food waste to generate 75% of the electricity consumed at the plant and helps it to send no waste to landfill.


The new equipment will use the byproduct waste from the anaerobic digestion process to produce the fertilizer. This process will help farmers reduce the environmental impact since the waste materials will be converted into reusable organic product. This partnership shall represent a significant step ahead in proving that agricultural practices can also play a major role in reduction of carbon emissions.



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