1. Collect, process and disseminate subsector information

2. Provide an avenue for creating awareness about partners’ products and services through NPCK website and publications

3. Offer a platform for networking and business engagements through annual National Potato Conference and trade fair, County trade fairs in potato producing zones, and bi annual stakeholders meetings

4. Facilitate development of standardized branded seed and ware potato packaging bags for use by farmers and traders for quality adherence

5. Facilitate market linkages between Potato farmers and the market outlets and between seed producers and ware potato farmers.

6. Inform policy formulation for the subsector, promote adherence to regulations and adoption of good agricultural practices

7. Lobby and advocacy for supportive policy and legal framework

8. Consultancy services along the potato value chain

9. Training and capacity building of farmers, farmer cooperatives and farmer associations

10. Act as a National platform for planning, organizing, and coordination of all sub sector activities