NPCK and Partners Team Building Activities

Potato team proudly displaying their medals after the marathon.

Team building is important in any organisation as it helps the staffs break down office monotony and personal barriers eliminate distractions, boost employee morale and enables them have fun collectively. NPCK fully recognizes this and endeavors to participate in various outdoor activities. One of such events is the annual Standard Chartered Marathon, an annual event that aims at raising funds for tackling avoidable blindness and visual impairment under the theme “seeing is believing”. At the annual event, the Potato council and its partners participate as the “Potato Team” with representatives in the 5 Km, 10Km and 21Km races. During last year’s edition, team members who performed exceptionally well were awarded with trophies sponsored by Kevian Kenya Limited.  All members do get a gift hamper that included a bag of potatoes.

In addition to the Marathon, NPCK has an annual team building day that among others games the team competes in field games, tag of war, blindfold, filling our tank, sack race and swimming.

The Potato council and partners are inviting more members of the potato subsector to join the “The Potato Team” in this year’s Standard chartered Marathon to be held in late October. Apart from contributing to a worthy course, the potato team promotes potato as the second most important food and its role in the big 4 agenda as well having a lot of fun as a “Potato family.” To be part of it this year, kindly get in touch with Mr. Henry Chemjor on , the potato team coordinator.

Written by: Catherine Mutaba, Administration Dept. NPCK

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