Inset: Launch of National Potato Strategy 2021-2025

National Potato Strategy (NPS) is a plan of action designed to help in guiding the transformation of the potato industry into a commercially oriented innovative and competitive sector. NPS 2016-2020 has helped in guiding transformation of the industry.

The period witnessed increased private sector involvement, development and operationalization of supportive laws, regulations standards such as the Crops (Irish Potato) Regulations 2019 and more collaborations and partnerships between the actors and players. It has helped increase interest and attention to the subsector that has seen potato placed on the National Agenda.

The National Potato Strategy has the following 9 strategic objectives:

  1. Strengthening institutional, legal and regulatory framework.
  2. Enhancing research in the potato industry.
  3. Potato variety development and seed production.
  4. Increasing potato production.
  5. Post-harvest management, value addition and marketing.
  6. Enhancing import, export and trade of potato and its value added products.
  7. Enhancing use of data management tools and participation of youths and women in the industry.
  8. Enhancing industry coordination, collaboration and networking.
  9. Enhancing industry Resource Mobilization. This aims at making the industry more vibrant, innovative and commercially oriented.

National Potato Strategy 2021-2025 was launched on 9th December 2021 at Parkinn by Radisson Westlands, Nairobi during the Captains of Potato Industry Dinner. Bayer, CIP, IFDC, Sereni Fries and Segenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture sponsored the event. The guest of honor in the event was Ps. Prof Hamadi Boga who was represented by Dr. Teresa Kinyungu. Key industry issues such as cost of fertilizer, seed and other inputs, challenges in marketing and implementation of potato regulations 2019 were discussed.

(CLICK HERE)Inset:from Left; Prof John Nderitu, Mr. Chris Marete, Mr. Humprey Mburu, NPCK CEO Mr. Wachira Kaguongo, Dr. Mailutha and Mr. Jackson Muchoki of GIZ

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