Participants during the recent World Potato Congress (WPC) in Cusco, Peru. NPCK and partners are bidding for a similar event to be held in Kenya in 2025

Kenya’s key potato stakeholders are gearing to bid for hosting of the 2025 World Potato Congress (WPC) in the country. The congress is a networking platform which creates opportunities to participants by facilitating communication and information sharing throughout the world potato community. The event, which is held after every 3 years, was last held in 2018 in Cusco, Peru. The next one will be held in Ireland in 2021. The WPC Inc. is a non-profit organization supported by a group of volunteer directors and international advisors representing potato jurisdictions around the world. In 2019 December, NPCK’s CEO, Mr. Wachira Kaguongo, was appointed by WPC as one of its international advisors.


NPCK, MoALF&C, CIP, KALRO and KenInvest have been holding weekly meetings aimed at planning for a successful bid. By hosting this world event, Kenya’s potato sector will receive worldwide exposure which will attract foreign investment and partnerships in the potato sector. This will not only be a boost in potato industry in Kenya but in the whole of Africa.


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