Weather forecast results for Mirangine ward in Olkalou, Nyandarwa county between 24/07/2020 and 28/07/2020. The new weather application by KALRO is easy to use and has high level of accuracy.  


Farming is mainly dependent on seasons and weather. Temperature, sunlight, and rainfall have major effects on crops. Occurrences of erratic weather are beyond human control. It is possible, however, to adapt to or mitigate the effects of adverse weather if a forecast of the expected weather can be obtained in time. Weather forecasting is a prediction on conditions of atmosphere depending on location and time. The relationship between weather and agriculture has therefore necessitated the need for an accurate prediction of the weather to enable farmers to make an informed decision in order to avoid/minimize losses due to climate variability. Accurate weather forecast can also help farmers in timely planning of their farming operations.


In this regard, Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO)  has developed an accurate weather forecasting application  named, The Kenya Agricultural Observation Platform (KAOP), which is the first of its kind in the region and will help farmers monitor weather through their mobile phones. KAOP will provide data on previous rainy days and predict long term trends as well as long term and current rainfall location plus pests and disease forecasts. Unlike other applications, the new technology will not generalize weather patterns for towns but give data for individual farms. It has a Satellite based accuracy of 9×9 kilometers.  To get Agro-weather advisory go to https://www.kaop.co.ke , select your county, then Sub-County and Ward.

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