We are very much aware of processed potato products like Crisps, chips, soup thickeners and others. But did you know that Irish potatoes can be used in making many industrial products apart from those we consume as food? Today we will learn different uses of potato far from the kitchen use.

  • Alcohol

Potato Vodka was made before in Russia and Poland, but today it is being produced widely in different parts of the world.

Chopin, a 4 time distilled vodka made from potatoes.[2] The producer claims seven pounds of potatoes are used to make every bottle of Chopin.[

  • soaps

Apart from it being use for table consumption, potatoes are being used in making soaps that can be used as permanent skin whiteners! Click on the link below and find out the recipe that is used in making the soap.











Potato can be used in making skin lightening soap.

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(c) Generating of electricity

Imagine using a potato to power a light bulb! When you think about it, potatoes provide energy to the human body, so why can’t the energy be harnessed to provide electricity? I know most of you would like to try how this magic works, well click on the link below and learn how potatoes work in a miraculous way!

Potatoes can be used to generate electricity

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