Growing potato in trash bags

Growing potato in a trash bag can be done practically in towns or areas where land is not available following the steps below:

  • Place your seed potato in a warm spot one week before planting during which sprouts will grow. Cut them into chunks that are approximately two inches wide. Ensure each chunk has at least two sprouts and allow them to stay in room temperature for three days.
  • Cut a few drainage holes at the bottom of the trash bag, fill it with soil and place it in your area of choice including a balcony or verandah ensuring it gets full sunlight.
  • Dust the seed potatoes with agricultural sulfur to protect them against fungal diseases. Plant them two inches deep with the sprouts facing upwards and water well.
  • Add more soil into the bag as the sprouts grow tall. The amount of soil should be adequate for the sprouts to poke through it. Keep watering but ensure they are not soggy.
  • When the foliage dies back and the leaves begin drying, then the potatoes are ready for harvesting and so stop watering and allow them some days for the skin to toughen up.
  • When harvesting, slit open the side of the bag and release the potatoes. You can do other batches at different intervals to enjoy a continuous harvest. Potato can also be grown in buckets and cartons boxes.

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