Formation of a potato professional body

NPCK and partners are in the process of forming a professional body for the potato subsector called Kenya Potato Professionals Association (KPPA) which will be made up of members who have skills, knowledge, experience and expertise in one of or more of the potato specialty areas which include: Breeding, Certification, Extension, Production & Management, Plant Protection, Physiology, Economics, Research and Utilization & Marketing.

Membership will also be open to non-agricultural experts who serve in the sector including lawyers, business people, lawyers and lobbyist. The role of the body will include offering professional development and networking for members, issuing and upholding a code of conduct to guide professional and ethical behavior in the sector as well as collect and disseminate the best available technical and practical information relating to all aspects of potato to members and non-members in a bid to make potato knowledge accessible to all.

Benefits of being a member will include having credentials that certify your competence to third parties such as potential employers, increase your visibility and competitiveness in potato industry, and have a forum with peers for sharing and / or receiving knowledge and information. To fresh professionals who have just joined the industry, it provides opportunities for guidance and mentorship from senior members. Once the process of formation is finalized registration process will be provided through all NPCK’s communication channels.

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