Farmer field and business school (FFBS) harvest

The second season of the Farmer Field and Business School cycle, which began in August, is coming to a close. The cycle which incorporated fifteen training sessions for a total of 1305 farmer, enters its final stage as farmers begin harvesting their potatoes planted using the FFBS technology. Last season the farmers reaped handsomely, getting as much as 19800kg/ha of the Shangi variety in some areas. Having mastered the FFBS technology and employed it more efficiently than before, farmers expect this season to be much more impressive and the figures could be eclipsed in a season which is expected to offer a bumper harvest and prove one of the most productive in recent memory. The harvesting is expected to be completed early February and farmers are optimistic about the expected yields. Having had respectable results in the previous season, farmers have a reason to smile this time given the improvement that their crops are exhibiting.

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