The participants during the policy monitoring and evaluation event

On February 2023 the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations partnered with the Government of Kenya to implement the third phase of the Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agriculture Policies (MAFAP) programme. The main aim of the meeting was to develop institutional capacity through the transformation of knowledge so the government can increase monitoring and analyse food and agricultural policies so as to improve various crop markets, where potato is one of the main targeted crops in the 2022–2027 project. The MAFAP programme supports governments by monitoring and analysing agricultural policies and providing high quality technical analysis in order to enhance better decision making.

Under its policy monitoring activities, MAFAP supports national stakeholders to compute, update, and analyse indicators on food and agriculture policy support. With MAFAP indicators on Public Expenditures (PE) and Price Incentives (PI), governments and other stakeholders can track how public policies and expenditure on the food and agriculture sector evolve over time and identify current policy “challenges” that constrain the country’s agricultural transformation. NPCK, CGA and KALRO among other institutions participated in this important event.

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