Training session on Viazi Soko Digital Platform

Kenya is one among the ten fastest growing digital economies in the world. Digital transformation is the driving force for innovative, inclusive and sustainable growth since innovation and digitization stimulate job creation, reduce poverty and inequality. The uptake of agricultural digital solutions among the farmers is taking an upward shift. In potato subsector, NPCK and partners has developed an e-commerce platform (Viazi Soko) for information dissemination and market linkages. The platform provides an efficient way for accessing quality farm inputs and services such as certified seeds, potato-specific fertilizer, approved agrochemicals, spray services, soil testing, and mechanization services, among others. The platform also helps in linking farmers to market outlets. Since its launch in 2021, the platform has gained population with over 113,000 farmers registered and are able to access services therein. On 21st June 2023, NPCK in partnership with IFDC trained 40 farmer group leaders in Nyandarua County on the use of platform for potato marketing. This will help the farmers to eliminate brokers as well as link them to direct markets offering good prices.

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