Deliberations on Agriculture Produce Cess

The Cereal Growers Association (CGA) convened a meeting on 13th June 2019 at Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel in Westlands that was attended by AFA, NPCK, Cereal Millers Association (CMA), East Africa Grain Council (EAGC) and Flower Council of Kenya among others. Agricultural Produce Cess (APC) is a levy charged by counties on agricultural produce including potatoes being transported within or from one county to another. It is also charged during entry at the market. This charge has been borne by farmers as transporters and dealers have been pushing this cost to them by factoring this cost in their buying price. The meeting’s aim was to get feedback and ideas that will help in developing a joint stakeholder action plan either on its abolishment, restructure system of collection and management or reduction of the amount charged. The members deliberated on engaging county governments, the senate, the national assembly and judiciary for a more informed decision.

Written by: Samuel Ngari, Policy, Lobby and Advocacy Dept. NPCK

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