NPCK Staff Training Participants on Viazi Soko and Business Opportunities for Youth


NPCK participated and Trained farmers during the World Food Safety Day for the year 2023 which was organized on 7th June, at Kaguru ATC Meru County. The event was organized by AAK Grow with the aim of creating awareness about responsible pesticide use for safe food production in Kenya for the better health of consumers. This year’s event theme was ‘Food Standards Save Lives’. The event brought together about 2,000 participants and 20 exhibitors both drawn from the national and county governments, farmers, development partners, regulatory agencies, input and service providers, among other value chain actors and players. Exhibitors showcased the various technologies and products for the safe production of food in Kenya. In addition, awareness was raised about the importance of proper disposal of empty pesticide containers to safeguard human health and the environment. It was a wholesome learning experience for farmers in Meru, alongside cleaning of the environment.  

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