CCC 2023 Participants during courtesy visit to KALRO Tigoni

Potato Council and Tegemeo Institute have been members of the Agri Benchmark’s global network for many years. Agri Benchmark is a global, non-profit network of agricultural economists, advisors, producers, and specialists in key sectors of agricultural and horticultural value chains. They collaborate with relevant partners in various countries to form a global network, collect data on typical farms, and provide unique farm level data-based analysis of strategic issues for decision makers in policy, agriculture, and agribusiness. NPCK and Tegemeo Institute have been collecting and updating data on typical potato farms and sugar cane farms in the country, respectively. Since 2007, Agri Benchmak and its global network partners have been holding annual Cash Crop Conferences (CCC) around the globe. During the conferences, discussions revolved around the economics of crop production, GHG mitigation policy, Science-based climate change mitigation strategies, carbon and farming policies, and the sharing of results generated from typical global farm data. The Cash Crop Conference 2023 was held in Nairobi, Safari Pack Hotel, on 19th to 22nd June 2023 with the main organizers being NPCK and Tegemeo institute.

As part of the conference objective, the participants made visits to various farms in different regions, such as KALRO, potato research center, small-scale potato farmers, large-scale maize and wheat farmer in Nakuru, sugar cane farms and sugar cane factory in western Kenya.  

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