The direct market linkage between farmers and market outlets is widely viewed as part of the solution to solving challenges faced by farmers in marketing potatoes. Recently, NPCK in collaboration with CIP and Bungoma County government organized for the County’s Potato Marketing Forum which was held on 11th August 2021 at Sawan Hotel, Bungoma. Participants included farmer representatives, County Government representatives, CIP, NPCK and potato buyers (Viazi kings, Twiga foods, Norda Industries and potato traders from Bungoma).

The forum provided a platform for business to business (B2B) discussion between farmers and the potato buyers. Through these interactive discussions, buyers learnt about specific farmers’ production details in terms of their production capacity, land acreage, varieties grown among other things. On the other hand, farmers had the opportunity to learn more about varietal preferences and procurement arrangements by each potato buyer. Farmers will be supported to access quality farm inputs and produce under contractual agreement with processors.

CECM addressing the participants at the Bungoma potato marketing forum


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