A happy farmer in Kinangop as he received his certified seeds

Our farmers can now smile as they walk through their farms because of the good scenic vegetation that will grace the farms. Viazi Kings is the entity behind their smiles; the company’s main business includes buying, selling and distributing inputs, seed and ware potatoes. The company is also involved in sourcing and supplying to farmers farm inputs and services. Furthermore, it is involved in training farmers, offering advisory services and providing other necessary supports to actors and players along the value chains. Recently, the company has been involved in seed delivery. Potato farmers can now use the NPCK Viazi Soko digital platform to access certified seeds and potato specific fertilizers.

In April- May, 2022 Viazi kings distributed 741 bags of certified seeds. Out of these,560 bags of Shangi certified seeds from Kisima farm – Meru were distributed to  farmers in Nakuru and Narok Counties,52 bags of Markies,2 bags Arizona certified seeds, 97 bags of Manitou and 9 bags of Destiny from AGRICO PSA—- bags of Shangi certified seeds from  Fresh Crop Limited- Nyandarua Baraka potato planting fertilizers. That has led to increased adoption of the use of certified seeds since farmers are in a position to access the inputs at reduced transaction costs. These farmers are guaranteed good produce and bounty harvest when they follow the Good Agricultural Practices. Their smiles widen as they laugh all the way to the bank!


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