2SCALE strengthens the capacity of smallholder farmers and SMEs to accelerate value chain and private sector development, through innovation and coordinated action, by improving business and organizational skills, including those required for more effective participation in (financial) markets.Learn more


Toward Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship funded by The Dutch Government (DGIS)

Area of coverage

  • Meru
  • Nyeri
  • Nyandarua
  • Kiambu
  • Laikipia
  • Nakuru




  • To deepen and scale over 50 public-private partnerships in 9 focus countries in Africa, which together will offer significant and durable opportunity to at least 500,000 smallholder farmers (of which 40% will be women)
  • To improve their livelihoods and to at least 2,500 SMEs (of which 40% will be female-headed)
  • To improve sales and provide jobs, while sustainably supplying food to regional, national and local markets, of which 40% will be BoP consumers.

Implementing partners

Consortium partners- IFDC/BoP/ICRA

Project News/Achievements

There are annual publications as well as biannual updates on activities.

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